Wouldn’t it be great if your complete value chain would be 100% sustainable?

At AnQore we asked ourselves that very question. Over the last year we worked hard with our partners to come up with the world’s first ever mass produced sustainable acrylonitrile: Econitrile.

Today we are ready to supply 100% ISCC PLUS certified Econitrile as our solution for making the acrylonitrile industry far more sustainable.

What is Econitrile?

Econitrile is acrylonitrile. But acrylonitrile with benefits. AnQore Econitrile is based on certified sustainable raw materials. in other words: Econitrile is produced from non-fossil feedstock. The ammonia and propylene come from suppliers that use sustainable sources to produce these products. This enables us to produce Econitrile on a mass balance basis.

That makes AnQore Econitrile the first ever sustainable and circular acrylonitrile produced in an existing acrylonitrile plant.

Our Econitrile helps downstream producers of ABS, Acrylamide, Carbon Fiber, Acrylic Fiber, Nitrile Rubber, Surfactants and many other valuable products to make their products far more sustainable.

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Get ready, get certified!

Take the first step and get ISCC PLUS certified

AnQore and our suppliers have gone through the process of ISCC PLUS certification. This process is relatively straightforward, but it requires a good preparation and multiple departments in the organization that are ready to support the implementation of the required mass balance accounting system.

If after visiting the ISCC PLUS website you would like to know more on what it means to go through the certification process than feel free to get in touch with us.

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