Who is AnQore?

AnQore is a specialist chemical supplier dedicated to the reliable, secure and continuous supply of acrylonitrile, ammonium sulfate, hydrogen cyanide, acetonitrile and sodium cyanide.

AnQore, formerly part of Royal DSM, was originally known as DSM Acrylonitrile and is based in the Chemelot Chemical Park in Geleen, the Netherlands. Founded in 1969, the company has long-standing relationships with industry-leading customers in Europe and beyond. In August 2015, CVC Capital Partners acquired 65% of the business, with DSM retaining a 35% stake. This partnership combines the financial security of a leading global advisory firm, with the unique logistical network of a major chemicals powerhouse.

Why does AnQore believe we need to act?

We see a huge global challenge to reduce the negative impacts on our planet that producing goods have for a population thatis growing and aspires higher standards of living. All these people will use a lot of products that require chemicals. This means for the chemical industry that we need to find alternatives to one-time use of precious molecules as well as reduce our CO2 emissions.

We believe that the concept of our Econitrile production is the best of both worlds. On the one side, we make use of the strength of our current efficient and integrated production facilities. On the other side, we make the Econitrile more sustainable and in some cases even circular by using circular biobased raw materials.

Why does AnQore produce Econitrile, the sustainable alternative for Acrylonitrile?

At AnQore we aspire to be regarded by all our customers as their best supplier. It is our mission to become the global supplier of choice to our customers. We produce and deliver our products in the most safe, efficient and reliable way, with maximum positive impact on society and the environment.

Because of this mission we are developing and growing a more sustainable value chain. We execute many projects that will help improve the footprint of our business.

We make our part of the value chain more sustainable by introducing Econitrile. The sustainable version of our high quality Acrylonitrile. But at the same time we also produce sustainable Hydrogen Cyanide. Allowing fine chemical, pharmaceutical and vitamin producers to massively improve their value chains as well if they choose to source their raw materials from AnQore.

What else has AnQore done to improve its footprint?

  • Energy reduction projects in the plant
  • Continuously improving the efficiency of our core process and optimize the use of our own raw materials
  • Installing new scrubbers at our tanker park to reduce possible emissions and save energy
  • LED lights in the plant
  • We move nearly all our end-products via rail and barge and take in most of our raw materials via pipeline
  • Optimize payload per customer delivery
  • Develop new, state-of-the art railcars that are not only safer than existing ones, but that can also carry slightly more product per delivery
  • We are regarded as silver in the Together for Sustainability

Get ready, get certified!

Take the first step and get ISCC PLUS certified

AnQore and our suppliers have gone through the process of ISCC PLUS certification. This process is relatively straightforward, but it requires a good preparation and multiple departments in the organization that are ready to support the implementation of the required mass balance accounting system.

If after visiting the ISCC PLUS website you would like to know more on what it means to go through the certification process than feel free to get in touch with us.

Read more about the certification process


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